Bubble Spinner 2

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FREE GAME! This game will quickly become addictive and you will surely have fun trying to beat your maximum score. You only need your mouse if you want to play Bubble Spinner 2. You will notice a bubble array which is rotating around the center point. Most of the time, the system will be balanced, but each new bubble which you fire will make the array spin. You will have to shoot the balls from a fixed location, which is on top of the page. You can see your current color and the two colors which will follow. If you want to get a high score, you have to plan ahead and take these colors into consideration. At first, you will only get 1 point for each bubble you burst, but as soon as you advance to the next level of Bubble Spinner 2, you will receive an extra point for each bubble. You have to match the color of at least 3 bubbles if you want to gain some points. At first, you have 6 lives at your disposal. This basically means that you can fire 5 balls without bursting any bubbles with no consequences. When you fire the sixth one, a few extra bubbles will appear on the stage and they will make your life harder. If one of these bubbles reaches the side of the screen, the game Bubble Spinner 2 will be over.

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